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Kamm's Streetscape Phase I


A pre-construction meeting was held May 21, 2007. Rick Colombo, Chief Engineering and Construction Inspector, Division of Engineering and Construction, City of Cleveland, ran the meeting. Present were city staff, representatives of the various utilities affected by the project, E. G. & G. Inc., Terrace Construction, Fairview Hospital, Councilman Martin Keane, and KCDC.

A ceremony to launch the construction of the Lorain Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project took place on Tuesday, May 29 at West 179th Street and Lorain Avenue outdoors on Fairview Hospital property. Speakers included Mayor Frank Jackson, Councilman Martin Keane, former councilman Michael Dolan, Fairview Hospital President Jan Murphy, President and CEO of Cleveland Clinic Regional Hospitals Fred DeGrandis, and KCDC Executive Director Steve Lorenz. Local merchants and neighbors attended the momentous occasion!

A public meeting to present the project and answer questions was held June 7, 2007. Randall DeVaul, Commissioner of Engineering and Construction, City of Cleveland, ran the meeting. Present were Lorain Avenue business and property owners, city staff, E. G. & G. Inc., Terrace Construction, Fairview Hospital, Councilman Martin Keane, and KCDC.


Project Information

General Contractor
Terrace Construction Company, 3965 Pearl Road, Cleveland, OH 44109

E. G. & G. Inc., 388 South Main Street, Akron, OH 44311

Project Description

Installation of approximately 1.3 miles of underground concrete-encased duct bank and manholes along Lorain Avenue and West 150th Street from a point 360 feet south of Lorain Avenue to Fairview Hospital. This concrete-encased duct bank included connections to the existing and proposed electrical distribution system along Lorain Avenue.

Project Construction Cost


Project Timeline (Simplified) (all dates tentative & subject to change without notice)

June 18 Begin Construction
June 27 - July 27 Install Conduit in West 150th Street from Kmart to Lorain Avenue
July 18 - August 27 Install Conduit in Lorain Avenue from West 150th Street to Triskett Road
August 20 - October 3 Install Conduit in Lorain Avenue from Triskett Road to Ganley Ford West
August 20 - October 9 Install Conduit in Lorain Avenue from Walgreens to Riveredge Road
September 25 - November 12 Install Conduit in Lorain Avenue from Ganley Ford West to Walgreens
October 1 - October 18 Install Conduit in Riveredge Road (approx. first 50 feet only)
October 1 - November 14 Install Conduit in Lorain Avenue from Riveredge Road to the Rocky River Bridge
  Total Project Length - Phase 1: 149 days

Construction Noise; Work Hours

Activities and land use adjacent to this project may be affected by construction noise. Work hours for this project will be 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. No work will take place from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 a.m or on the weekends.

Preconstruction Videotaping of Right-of-Way

A professional quality audio-videotape of the construction limits and areas adjacent to the construction limits will be made prior to the start of any construction to supplement the documentation of existing site conditions. The primary purpose or intent of the taping is to provide the necessary information for the restoration of surface features including, but not limited to, driveways, trees, fences, landscaping features and planters in areas adjacent or immediately outside the work limits that are damaged by the contractor.

Maintenance of Traffic

A minimum of one lane of traffic in each direction shall be maintained at all times on Lorain Avenue, Rocky River Drive and West 150th Street by use of existing pavement and/or temporary surfaces. This traffic may be further restricted during certain limited periods of time by the use of flaggers. If it is determined that it is necessary to completely close a road for any period of time, a detour plan shall be submitted to the city for consideration. Lane closures or restrictions over segments of the project, in which no work is anticipated within a reasonable time frame, shall not be permitted.

Access; Side Street Closures

The contractor shall maintain safe and satisfactory access to abutting property. The contractor shall maintain adequate pedestrian walks at all intersections. Where a property is served by only one driveway, then the affected driveway must remain open at all times with the improvements constructed in stages and/or supplemented with a temporary surface so that access is not disrupted. Intersecting streets may be closed for a period not to exceed 14 consecutive calendar days, when through traffic may be detoured.

City of Cleveland Board of Control Approval

Resolution No. 210-07. (May 2, 2007)
By Director Wasik.
Be it resolved by the Board of Control of the City of Cleveland, that the bid of Terrace Construction Company Inc., for the public improvement of the Kamm’s Streetscape Underground Ducts, Phase 1, for the Division of Engineering and Construction, Department of Public Service, received on March 29, 2007, under the authority of Ordinance No. 985-06, passed by the Cleveland City Council on June 12, 2006, upon a unit basis for the improvement, in the aggregate amount of $2,755,606.25 for Item Nos. 1 - 83 is affirmed and approved as the lowest responsible bid, and the Director of Public Service is authorized to enter into contract for the improvement with the bidder. Be it further resolved that the employment of the following subcontractors by Terrace Construction Company Inc. for the above-mentioned public improvement is approved:

The Vallejo Co.
(MBE) — $414,000.00 — (15.02%)
Rockport Construction
(FBE) — $138,000.00 — (5.01%)

Yeas: Mayor Jackson, Acting Director Langhenry, Director Dumas, Acting Director Nelson, Director Smith, Acting Director Scott, Directors Carroll, Flask, Cox, Acting Director Wilbur, Directors Hutchinson, Reilly, Fumich, Guzman and Rybka.
Nays: None.
Absent: None.