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Lorain Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project Nearly Complete!

The Lorain Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project has transformed our “downtown.” Stretching from roughly West 165th Street all the way to Fairview Hospital, the project continues the renaissance of Kamm’s Corners.

A gala ribbon cutting ceremony took place on Saturday, May 15th, 2010, featuring Mayor Frank Jackson and Ward 19 Councilman Marty Keane. Lorain Avenue was closed from Rocky River Drive east to West 165th Street, and a ribbon cutting was followed by live music, family friendly activities, and a Walk+Roll event through the neighborhood. Area eateries and taverns had specials to keep the party going strong! The fun evolved into The Hooley on Kamm's Corners TM, complete with a custom brewed lager just for Kamm's Corners. An estimated crowd of 15,000 people celebrated throughout the day! Based on the positive comments and all the fun, we are repeating the event annually on the second Saturday in May. The next one will take place on Saturday, May 13th in 2012.

As part of the newstreetscape, new planters are now filled with blossoming vegetation and trees. The old poles have been replaced with historic lighting posts and the wiring was buried underground. New traffic signals are fully functioning. Re-surfacing of the pavement from the bridge to West 150th is complete.

The artwork below illustrates the improvements, which includes:

  1. New sidewalks, with decorative granite blocks and a charcoal colored paver strip at the curbs.
  2. New irrigated planter boxes that will also allow for seating. Many of the planters have electric outlets for lighting of the street trees.
  3. New, more compact, yet airy, street trees.
  4. New benches, bike racks, and waste receptacles.
  5. Removal of all telephone poles and associated overhead wiring!
  6. Installation of retro-style “tear drop” light poles with upswept arms.
  7. New upswept traffic light mast arms.
  8. Public Art!

Other components include:

  1. Retention of the angle parking to keep as much parking as possible.
  2. Retention of our wide sidewalks to encourage al fresco dining.
  3. A new crosswalk at Kamm’s Plaza’s western entrance with a small concrete island in the middle of the road.
  4. Re-configuration of the Lorain side of the Shell Station driveways, which eliminated one, and moved the remaining drive farther from the intersection at Rocky River Drive.

The Lorain Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project further energizes and accelerates the continued improvement of the Kamm’s Corners neighborhood. Already, this substantial public investment is drawing new businesses, residents, and visitors to the neighborhood and is enhancing property values for those already here. Welcome to our future!

streetscape groundbreaking
Groundbreaking took place on Thursday, November 6th, 2008, featuring Fairview Hospital COO Frank Mills, Ward 21 Councilman Marting Keane, and Mayor Frank Jackson.

Click each picture below for a larger image.

Kamm's Corners previous streetscape conditions
(Lorain Avenue at the Rocky River Drive intersection looking east)

llustration of current streetscape improvements
(Lorain Avenue at the Rocky River Drive intersection looking east)

Current Streetscape

Current Plan
(Overhead plan view of the downtown Kamm's Corners business district)

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